What's Our Towering Strength?

We focus on building or leveling-up UA programs, especially in gaming and entertainment verticals.

Our team's core expertise is Computer Science and programming.  We build tools to automate routine functions of UA, including bidding and allocating budgets based on performance.

We believe UA Managers should rarely be logging into platforms or doing work in spreadsheets - there's a better way.  We build best-in-class data setups that save time and automate many routine tasks.

We achieve real-time campaign visibility via dashboards that enable quick decisions at the publisher or creative level.  We optimize toward early-funnel events which serve as proxies to user LTV.  At 5- or 6-figure/day spend, these things are essential.

In short - we are a highly experienced UA team with deep technology backgrounds and extensive UA campaign experience.

How We Work

Our process is simple and transparent. We improve your technology, launch UA campaigns, then optimize & scale. We move fast and focus on hitting KPIs you specify.

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    Setup Technology

    First, we examine your current tech setup and recommend improvements. Typically this involves helping configure an attribution provider, in-app events, BI tools, marketing SDKs, and dashboards.

    We've seen and implemented best-in-class technology. Learn from us.

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    Launch Campaigns

    Next, we setup & launch campaigns. We launch Facebook & Google quickly to learn. Then we launch performance network campaigns, as they provide predictable pricing and reliable user growth.

    Creative is an important process at this stage. We can implement an efficient process or produce made-for-UA video ads for you.

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    Optimize & Scale

    Ongoing, we optimize the campaigns via a specific, repeatable process we teach you. All decisions are data driven and not based on gut feeling.

    KPIs we focus on are user retention, conversion rate, CPI/CPA, and ROAS.


A Data First Approach to UA

We optimize campaigns based on statistical significant cohort sizes.

Our focus is to improve your business KPIs reliably and measurably - with a scalable,
predictable and repeatable process utilizing clean data and proven marketing tech.

See below for a sampling of tools we love. They help us move fast and make smart decisions. We can help you implement tools like these quickly.


We also have deep experience with databases,
reporting platforms, trackers, and business intelligence tools, including:

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Ua Services We Offer


Marketing Technology

Solid tools & tracking are the
foundation for UA. We can help you:

  • Configure your attribution provider SDK
  • Define in-app events to optimize
    campaigns to
  • Setup reporting platforms such as Looker,
    Datadog, Singular, or any custom BI tool
  • Architect your data model to join data across multiple platforms, e.g. retention with campaign & creative cost


Campaign Management

We launch and optimize campaigns on
dozens of networks, including:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords/UAC
  • Apple Search Ads
  • Unity
  • Tapjoy
  • AdColony


Team Process & Cadence

We are a plug-in UA team. However, we prefer to collaborate with existing in-house resources such as media buyers and creative producers.

We can help you implement:

  • A reporting process that provides high-level executive views to low-level actionable creative-level data
  • A self-contained growth team with only the necessary resources to scale
  • Automation at every level, including reporting, campaign managements, and alerts

UA Philosophy

How do we feel about UA? We believe:

01 Speed

In the 1000s of AB tests we’ve run on mobile and Web, we’ve never found a correlation between experiment dev effort and growth increase. The lowest effort experiments can often have the biggest impact.

Therefore, focus on running smaller, more frequent experiments.

02 Data &
Analytics First

Before launching campaigns, the VERY first thing we do is establish a clean and reliable data setup. This involves best-in-class tools, tracking, and reporting that provides actionable analytics easily.

UA efforts are amplified with good data.

03 Launch on the
Performance Networks

We love Google AdWords & Facebook Ads. However, we find that growth can occur more reliably and cost-efficiently on the Performance Networks (Applovin, Chartboost, AdColony, and Vungle). It’s possible to spend 5-figures a day profitably on a flat CPI – we’re doing so currently.

Our focus is always to scale UA quickly and predictably.

Faster User Acquisition

To learn how your company can benefit from better & faster UA, reach out.